• (verb): To display again.

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Example Sentences

  • At the British Museum, where there is a medieval gallery named after him, his money made possible a major redisplay in 2009.

  • When I edit a comment I have just made the comment is initially replaced with garbage, which I have to redisplay using the refresh button my browser to see my edited version properly.

  • We are working on a long term plan to redisplay our twentieth century collections in a new gallery, and the Kaufmann office would certainly feature there.

  • With a continuation-based web framework I could do reuse of sequential sets of pages, which would be nice; I could write a function to let the user choose a number, which spits out a form with an embedded continuation then suspends until the form is submitted, after which it decides whether to redisplay the page (search button pressed) or to return the chosen number (grab button pressed).

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