• (noun): Plural form of rift.
  • (verb): Third-person singular simple present indicative form of rift.

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Example Sentences

  • Yes, it had its stupid excesses Brian Cox's character arc was especially, uh, strained but I appreciated how Verbinski translated the generational rifts from the Japanese movie to an American setting, where instead of it being a generation gap problem it became one more of American thirty-somethings who seem reluctant to fully embrace adulthood.

  • This can cause long-term rifts in your team that can do serious harm; the designers not consulting with the DBA when making designs can lead to crying down the road on both sides.

  • Yet the friendship of the English-speaking peoples, with their many household rifts, is tested and tried.

  • But following label rifts, the band took a downward spiral turn and fell into a musical limbo, releasing three albums in 1999, 2001 and 2004 - which didn't attract much popularity at all.

  • HOLMES: People this morning also talking about the so-called rifts within the Jackson family.

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