• (noun): Alternative form of road map.

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A roadmap may refer to:

A road map, a form of map that details roads and transport links.
A plan, e.g.
Road map for peace, to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
Technology roadmap, a management forecasting tool.
Maturity Road Mapping, a development sequences like PDCA.

Example Sentences

  • "If the roadmap is a convincing one, then there is room to negotiate a compromise," he said.

  • The chief of the European Commission today unveiled what he called a "roadmap" to solve the continent's troubles, but I'm not sure what's there besides words.

  • Brownback recently toured Kansas announcing what he calls his roadmap for the state, including policies for reviving the economy, reducing government spending and improving education.

  • Qureshi had provided what he called a roadmap to counterpart S M Krishna on the margins of the UN General Assembly last September.

  • The GNOME project has released what it calls a roadmap towards version 3.0.

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