• (noun): Plural form of roaming.

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Example Sentences

  • There were objections to the Department of Justice's scheme to insure that cell phones were also tracking devices, presumably to aid 911 services, but potentially becoming homing devices to follow our roamings.

  • And the Monsters to begin wild roamings, because that they also to know of the

  • At the present moment she was very wretched; and was certainly unselfish in her wish to see her daughter comfortably settled before she commenced those miserable roamings with her son which seemed to be her coming destiny.

  • He might have, too, had not one day a child, one of, the refugee children, happened across Caramon in his dismal roamings.

  • The panther turned away from his hunt and scurried toward one of many places especially prepared for his night roamings.

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