• (noun): A tough or rowdy person.
  • (noun): A thug or gangster.

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  • (noun): a cruel and brutal fellow

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A ruffian is a scoundrel, rascal or unprincipled, deceitful, and unreliable person.
Ruffian may refer to:

Ruffian (horse) (1972–1975), a famous thoroughbred racehorse
Ruffian (film), a 2007 television movie about the racehorse
Ruffian Games, a Scottish games developer
Ruffian, a chess engine
Ruffian 23, Irish sailboat designed by Billy Brown
Border Ruffians, pro-Slavery activists from Missouri in the American Civil War
The Ruffian on the Stair, a 1964 British play
HMS Bellerophon (1786), also known as Billy Ruffian
The Ruffians, the major antagonists of the Nintendo game Sin and Punishment
British codename of the German X-Geraet, radar system
The Ruffian, a 1983 French-Canadian criminal adventure film

Example Sentences

  • It does not appear, however, that the term ruffian is altogether misplaced.

  • Uncle Angelo had a brother, Salvatore, who was known as a ruffian by most men in the streets.

  • The Countess preserves her impenetrable composure; nothing in her betrays the deadly hatred with which she regards the titled ruffian who has insulted her.

  • I was surprised-because while I'll do anything, myself, he didn't strike me as the sort who'd lower himself to being a whore's ruffian, which is what it amounted to.

  • He didn't like Ceorl, not even a little, but the ruffian was a good man to have along in a brawl.

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