• (noun): The practice of scrapping something
  • (noun): An amount of money paid by the government to a person trading-in an old car (that will be scrapped) for a more environmentally-friendly new one

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Example Sentences

  • Business Secretary, made a £270 million loan guarantee to General Motors to ensure that the American With less than four weeks to go to the end of "scrappage" - the Government's subsidy scheme to save the industry - the question now is: what happens after the end of By Brian Harper, National PostMarch 5, 2010 5: 06 AM Although European countries have had smaller, more fuel-efficient (primarily diesel-powered) vehicles for decades, the 80th

  • Governments in Europe also implemented so-called scrappage programs that offered cash back to car buyers to promote the sale of fuel-efficient vehicles.

  • A so-called scrappage scheme during the financial crisis that offered subsidies for buying new cars in exchange for trading in ten-year-old vehicles ended four months ago.

  • But the incentives, called scrappage programs in Europe, expired in Britain in March and are to be phased out in Spain, Italy and France throughout 2010, making it hard for Ford to stay on top.

  • Radio industry ponders analogue 'scrappage' subsidy industry is considering a "scrappage" subsidy to persuade listeners to upgrade from analogue to digital.

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