• (noun): Plural form of sea-dog.

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Example Sentences

  • And the bunch he's got with him — Watson and Gorman their names are; they came in after you left — real sea-dogs, middle-aged, marred and battered, tough as rusty wrought-iron nails and twice as dangerous; real ugly customers, with guns in their belts, who don't strike me as just the right sort to be on such comradely terms with Swithin Hall.

  • I could only listen to the two sea-dogs, and show my manhood by drinking with them, fairly and squarely, drink and drink.

  • The first English names on the Atlantic Coast were Virginia and Cape Fear, though neither virginity nor fear "was a commodity held in much repute among those sea-dogs," Mr. Stewart remarks.

  • And so the two old sea-dogs chatted on, while their companions dropped off one by one, and only Amyas remained.

  • The Spaniards in her yielded without a blow, crying “Misericordia;” and the negroes, leaping overboard, swam ashore like sea-dogs.

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