• (adjective): Examining closely or thoroughly; probing: a searching investigation of their past dealings.
  • (adjective): Keenly observant: searching insights.

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  • (adjective): exploring thoroughly
  • (adjective): having keenness and forcefulness and penetration in thought, expression, or intellect; "searching insights"; "trenchant criticism"
  • (adjective): diligent and thorough in inquiry or investigation; "a probing inquiry"; "a searching investigation of their past dealings"

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Searching or search may refer to:

Example Sentences

  • She looked hard at my face, her expression searching and fierce.

  • Google's expertise in searching is the key to help find the intersting content.

  • The range -- literally, "searching," "that which it finds by searching is his pasture."

  • Now there remains the title searching and the damnable job of financing it -- because we've got to move cautiously, and knock softly at the doors of the money vaults, or we'll be waking up some Wall Street relatives or secret business associates of the yellow crowd; and if anybody bawls for help we'll be up in the air next New Year's, and still hiking skyward. "

  • By the same token, we need to make the same demand on insurers to eliminate what have to be significant costs now in searching for and fighting over pre-existing conditions.

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