Example Sentences

  • I knew my name would be considered: I was the second-highest constitutional officeholder in the state, after the governor, and I had done well in the elections of 1960 and 1962.

  • HONG KONG— Citic Pacific Ltd. said Thursday its net profit rose 50% in 2010 to 8.92 billion Hong Kong dollars US$1.14 billion, its second-highest result on record, due to improved special steel sales and asset disposals.

  • In this case, state support of the notes helped Detroit Public Schools garner an SP-1 rating from Standard & Poor's, the firm's second-highest of four short-term ratings.

  • The European Union's second-highest court upheld a €397 million $551 million fine levied against German conglomerate Siemens for having operated a cartel in gas-insulated switch-gear, but reduced penalties imposed on Siemens's Austria subsidiaries and on French power-generation firm Alstom and nuclear giant Areva.

  • Alpha boomers have the second-highest median household income, at $69,000, trailing only the 35-44 age group, whose median earnings are $75,000 annually.

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