• (adjective): Making an imposing or aesthetically pleasing display; striking: showy flowers.
  • (adjective): Displaying brilliance and virtuosity of ability or performance: a showy violin solo.
  • (adjective): Marked by or prone to ostentatious, often tasteless display; flashy.

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Wordnet definitions

  • (adjective): superficially attractive and stylish; suggesting wealth or expense; "a glossy TV series"
  • (adjective): (used especially of clothes) marked by conspicuous display
  • (adjective): displaying brilliance and virtuosity
  • (adjective): marked by ostentation but often tasteless; "a cheap showy rhinestone bracelet"; "a splashy half-page ad"

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Example Sentences

  • Its flowers are used in showy tropical arrangements.

  • Howland kept getting questions during the tournament about how the gritty, slowdown style was playing in showy, glitzy L.A., and how the region's plethora of high-scoring high school stars will receive recruiting calls from the nation's new defensive powerhouse.

  • But plenty were cowboys, too, and upon emerging from the Green Zone they drove in showy clusters of SUVs, nose to tail, cutting off traffic and careening down the streets as if they were taking fire.

  • She was neither very brilliant, nor altogether a pretender, but might be described as a showy woman, of slight but popular accomplishments.

  • Page 446 used to call my showy butler, died an object of disgust and horror, whilst old Jacob, with whose red nightcap you comically threatened the gay dandy -- lived till the other day, and dying, left 800 pounds behind him!

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