Example Sentences

  • If I might ask 'slp', on what do you base your absolute conviction that we will all 'know better in the future?

  • Guaitianxin thiefkinger Screenshot link to prove they macro: keep repeating word or type out same word. due to game system will made char 'slp' if nt active. img117. and lyzaixiaoxue0 a tamer (whic is the main attacker and exp earner for the team) cos he must be too inside which i cannot cature the screen due to trap door.

  • If the "slp" or "SENS" value on the monitor indicate that a monitor needs a new membrane the spare sensor can be prepared and connected to the polariser in advance of carrying out the maintenance.

  • Forget the republican's at your own risk and own peril, literally. slp

  • A coward can always feel brave if they are part of a mob; better yet if their cowardice is justified by their Christian faith. slp

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