Example Sentences

  • I couldn't guide th 'beast roight somehaa, so I felt abaat to try if I could foind aat what it wor, and behold I had gotten th' bridle all on one soide.

  • If Oi kin get across with a good horse and slip through the Indian loines on the other soide, I can, by hard roidin 'reach this loine in two or three hours.

  • "Will, thin," continued Mick, "ez Oi came out on dick oop the fore - hatchway, be the powers, I says, sure, a tirrible big black thing roight foreninst me, wid its long arrums stritched oot on ayther soide; an 'whin Oi looked oop fur to say if the onairthly craychur hed ony hid on him --"

  • From all of which it may fairly be deduced that _Punch_, with occasional lapses of an excusable kind, has, on the whole, fairly upheld his character for the neutrality proper to one who is accepted as the National Satirist, even though -- like the Irish judge -- "he is most just when he lanes a bit on my soide."

  • "Oi'd have had the law on my soide, but Oi'd have had him on me stomach."

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