• (noun): Any of various plants of the genus Euphorbia, characteristically having milky juice and small unisexual flowers that are surrounded by a cuplike structure composed of fused bracts.

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  • (noun): any of numerous plants of the genus Euphorbia; usually having milky often poisonous juice

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Example Sentences

  • Euphorbia lathyrus, often called gopher spurge, which is reputed to repel the furry destructors.

  • A plant called spurge is often mistaken for goathead.

  • It was also shocking to me that their habitat inspector failed to notice the noxious weeds—leafy spurge along the waterways, Canada thistle, cheatgrass and other troublesome invaders largely spread by cattle.

  • Cheatgrass had moved in along with leafy spurge, Canada thistle and whitetop, all noxious weeds.

  • Suddenly it was mid-June and noxious weeds—leafy spurge, cheatgrass, hoary cress, Canada thistle—grew everywhere.

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