• (adjective): Decreasing in stages: a step-down gear.
  • (adjective): Electricity Serving to reduce voltage: a step-down transformer.
  • (noun): A reduction in amount or size.

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  • (noun): the act of decreasing or reducing something

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Example Sentences

  • The timing of her announcement to step-down was brilliant and lacing it with riddles left the Pundits scratching their heads too dumb to understand her wisom in it all.

  • Two years later, Henry was spending every weekend in Canterbury and two days a week at a step-down facility, really a well-staffed rehabilitation unit, which was part of the Cygnet hospital group in Lewisham in southeast London.

  • October 2009–present: Cygnet Lodge, a “step-down” facility or halfway house, Lewisham, southeast London.

  • The both of you are a disgrace to the American people and you should both step-down.

  • I don't recall Bill Clinton being asked to step-down by "top" Democrats.

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