• (noun): Any of several smaller intervals into which a larger one is divided

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Example Sentences

  • On the next tone, it will be beat six hundred and six, subinterval twelve of interval sixty-two thousand.

  • The individual variation in theta over this subinterval was found associated with F1 females 'maternal haplotypes (Chinese pig haplotypes) and independent from paternal haplotype (European pig haplotypes).

  • The largest variation was observed in both populations in the interval UMNP71-SW1943, or more precisely in the subinterval UMNP891-UMNP93.

  • C and K correspond to the given mass -, damping -, and stiffness matrices of the model - the given schemes seek to solve eq. 1 at each finite subinterval.

  • The area of each subinterval is added together to get the approximation.

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