• (noun): The act of suggesting.
  • (noun): Something suggested: We ordered the shrimp, a suggestion of the waiter.
  • (noun): The sequential process by which one thought or mental image leads to another.
  • (noun): A psychological process by which an idea is induced in or adopted by another without argument, command, or coercion.
  • (noun): An idea or response so induced.
  • (noun): A hint or trace: just a suggestion of makeup; the first suggestion of trouble ahead.

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Wordnet definitions

  • (noun): the act of inducing hypnosis
  • (noun): the sequential mental process in which one thought leads to another by association
  • (noun): persuasion formulated as a suggestion
  • (noun): a just detectable amount; "he speaks French with a trace of an accent"; "a hint mockery in her manner"; "a tint of glamour"
  • (noun): a proposal offered for acceptance or rejection; "it was a suggestion we couldn't refuse"
  • (noun): an idea that is suggested; "the picnic was her suggestion"

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Suggestion is the psychological process by which one person guides the thoughts, feelings, or behavior of another person. Nineteenth-century writers on psychology such as William James used the words \"suggest\" and \"suggestion\" in the context of a particular idea which was said to suggest another when it brought that other idea to mind. Early scientific studies of hypnosis by Clark Leonard Hull and others extended the meaning of these words in a special and technical sense (Hull, 1933). The original neuropsychological theory of hypnotic suggestion was based upon the ideomotor reflex response of William B. Carpenter and James Braid.

Example Sentences

  • My main suggestion is that the text superimposed on the header does not complement the art well.

  • My main suggestion is that they really need some good dialogue writers.

  • Thanks to Niksmom for the title suggestion via Twitter

  • By the term suggestion we do not usually understand the effect upon the mind of the totality of external stimuli, but the influence of person upon person which takes place through passive perception and is therefore independent of the activity of the personal consciousness.

  • Storm, are you suggesting that your suggestion is anything but suggestive?

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