• (noun): Alternative form of sulfocarbonate.

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  • _Dense structureless or non-fibrous cellulose nitrates_ can be industrially prepared (1) by nitrating the amorphous forms of cellulose obtained from its solution as sulphocarbonate (viscose).

  • The concluding lecture deals with later progress in the industrial applications of cellulose derivatives, chiefly the sulphocarbonate

  • NaOH, established (1) that there is no corresponding increase in the benzoylation, and (2) that this ester reaction and the sulphocarbonate reaction are closely parallel, in that the degree and limit of reaction are predetermined by the conditions of formation of the alkali cellulose.

  • As already pointed out, cotton cellulose passes quantitatively through the cycle of treatments involved in solution as sulphocarbonate and decomposition of the solution with regeneration as structureless or amorphous cellulose

  • C_ {6} H_ {10} O_ {5} -- has little influence upon the viscose reaction, but lowers the viscosity of the solution of the sulphocarbonate prepared from it.

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