• (adjective): Situated or sited at or near the seashore: surfside parties; a surfside road.

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Surfside may refer to:

Example Sentences

  • This is who is described to be by the police chief of being a man in his 60s who just outright refused to leave his house on wooden stilts there over there on the surfside, which is on the other side of the intercoasts, just a few miles away from here.

  • The shop's coffee offerings, surfside collection of clothing, books and boards, and hip staff made this place a cocoon of cool and a warm retreat from the weather outside.

  • The students staged the surfside demonstration after Senator Harry Reid, the Democratic majority leader, announced last week that he would add to a military spending bill an amendment that would open a path to legal status for hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrant students.

  • Recently renovated, the surfside inn still has its nautical-cool whitewashed facade, and its 36 guest rooms are equipped with patios and views of the Roqueta Channel.

  • I asked my husband about doing the valentine's day half marathon at surfside. not for him. oh well! he is faster than me and we would likely not run that long together, and he would not do a run/walk deal, so....

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