Example Sentences

  • In a complete change of subject, we unfortunately need to remind our readers and commenters thatcommenting on stories is not a right buta privilege thatcan be revoked.

  • Face it, most of can't buy a rifle to replace the BARREL, thatcan cost twice as much as the gun in the first place!

  • When growth factors attach to the RET protein, it triggers biochemical signals inside the cell thatcan stimulate specific functions such as cell division.

  • Perhaps of greater interest, though, is that there are more models thatcan leverage this Web access to offer more enticing fare—namely, the same types of services, such as YouTube videos, Flickr and Picasa photos and streaming movies—that are now available on Internet-connected TVs.

  • Read more onsome things thatcan trigger eczema and make it worsewhat you can do to prevent flare upswhat drug and non-drug treatments work best

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