• (noun): The quality or condition of being thick.
  • (noun): The dimension between two surfaces of an object, usually the dimension of smallest measure.
  • (noun): A layer, sheet, stratum, or ply: Each floor is a single thickness of concrete.

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Wordnet definitions

  • (noun): resistance to flow
  • (noun): used of a line or mark
  • (noun): indistinct articulation; "judging from the thickness of his speech he had been drinking heavily"
  • (noun): the dimension through an object as opposed to its length or width

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Thickness may refer to:

Thickness (graph theory)
Thickness (geology), the distance across a layer of rock
Thickness (meteorology), the difference in height between two atmospheric pressure levels
Thickness planer a woodworking machine
Optical thickness in optics
Thickness, a concept in the game Go
Thickness of a fluid, an informal name for viscosity

Example Sentences

  • As this elementary thickness is not known with a precision greater than 4 per cent, it seems impossible to verify the law above a certain thickness.

  • We took a bunch of odd pieces and scraps, trimmed the fat off (important to get the fat off), and cut the pieces into two and three inch strips that varied in thickness but probably averaged a quarter inch.

  • The paper should be good and charming as paper; the Dutch paper is too unequal in thickness for accurate printing, and the good French papers a trifle hard - The English papers of Batchelor & Arnold cannot be matched out of this country

  • The study found that it caused an increase in thickness of the prefrontal cortex in the brain, the part just above the eyes and associated with attention.

  • On the ground before me was a bar of iron, as big in thickness as my arm, and a long step away was another bar of iron —

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