• (verb-transitive): To strike or hit with a flat object; whack.
  • (noun): A hard blow with a flat object; a whack.

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Wordnet definitions

  • (noun): a hard blow with a flat object
  • (verb): deliver a hard blow to; "The teacher smacked the student who had misbehaved"

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Example Sentences

  • What they forgot to take into account, however, is that you do not hear the primary charge of a rifle being fired if you are more than 100 metres from it, you only hear the "thwack" or "crack" of the bullet passing overhead, followed by a MUTED primary charge thump (weapon firing).

  • A good meaty "thwack" means the thrower needs to go hide for a few seconds.

  • At the last moment she turned parallel to the chukar's line of flight and hit it from behind with the solid "thwack" of a large-caliber bullet striking flesh.

  • As he settled himself in the saddle for a long ride he heard the drumming of hoofs, the hollow "thwack" of chaparral against wooden stirrups, the whoop of

  • It's no longer the crisp "thwack" of the persimmon, or the cool "ping" of the stainless steel.

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