• (noun): Plural form of trabecula.

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Example Sentences

  • In the spaces between the trabeculae is the bone marrow.

  • Classification as to Structure: a. Spongy - made up of bony processes called trabeculae giving it a porous appearance; found in the epiphysis and metaphysic of long bones, diploe of flat bones and in the medullary cavities b.

  • Majumdar's method is to churn through the data to identify patterns in how the trabeculae — the material inside bone — changes in people who have diseases like osteoporosis and arthritis.

  • This image of a human vertebra shows the internal microstructure of bone, called the trabeculae.

  • Basal hornbills, which probably include the ground hornbills (read on), have a small casque that is often little more than a mid-line dorsal ridge on the bill, but in more derived forms it is a large, mostly hollow structures supported internally by strut-like trabeculae (Kemp 1995): for images of sectioned casques go here.

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