• (noun): Worship or religious veneration paid to trees by primitive races of men, from the belief that they were the fixed abode or a favorite resort of spirits capable of influencing human destiny.

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  • (noun): the worship of trees

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Example Sentences

  • [Link] I don't know about this "dendrochronology" stuff (sounds to me like some sort of pagan tree-worship), but I do know that the Balch House (pictured below in a very, very old photograph) looks very, very old to me.

  • Down the centuries from the Druid tree-worship comes the spell of the walnut-tree.

  • The older mythologists, who only saw in it a sun-myth, overlooked the fact that since any weapon would have done to kill the God with, the mistletoe must have some special significance; and if it is a genuine part of the story, as we have no reason to doubt, it will be hard to overturn Dr. Frazer's theory that the Baldr-myth is a relic of tree-worship and the ritual sacrifice of the God,

  • Before leaving the Continental historians, reference may be made to the abundant evidence of Germanic tree-worship to be gathered from them.

  • _The World-Ash_, generally called Yggdrasil's Ash, is one of the most interesting survivals of tree-worship.

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