• (adjective): Forceful, effective, and vigorous: a trenchant argument. See Synonyms at incisive.
  • (adjective): Caustic; cutting: trenchant criticism.
  • (adjective): Distinct; clear-cut.

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  • (adjective): clearly or sharply defined to the mind; "clear-cut evidence of tampering"; "Claudius was the first to invade Britain with distinct...intentions of conquest"; "trenchant distinctions between right and wrong"
  • (adjective): characterized by or full of force and vigor; "a hard-hitting expose"; "a trenchant argument"
  • (adjective): having keenness and forcefulness and penetration in thought, expression, or intellect; "searching insights"; "trenchant criticism"

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Example Sentences

  • Throughout the book, Seife's practiced journalist's eye results in trenchant nonmathematical observations.

  • "Did you never see anyone wet?" she asked, in trenchant tones.

  • General Schenck did not appear to differ greatly from Davis, but what he said was in short, trenchant sentences, interjected from time to time.

  • Bolton's assessment of Persian duplicity and his skepticism about the NIE recalls another trenchant comment by Rumsfeld on the nature of reports, that "Reports that say that something hasn't happened are always interesting to me, because as we know, there are known knowns ... but there are also unknown unknowns, the ones we don't know we don't know."

  • And there is Barbour Bruce who might have been a writer, but is only known as a trenchant wit - "Who," she asked at a party, "was that nice, well-dressed, refined, common woman who has just had her cup of tea and gone away?"

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