• (adjective): Chiefly British Overly precious or nice.

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  • (adjective): affectedly dainty or refined

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Twee is the Dutch word for two.

Example Sentences

  • For example, when you are in babel's dutch language mode you can write twee "en in which" is a trema, which is not equivalent to twee\ "en, which is then (actually always) specifically an umlaut.

  • Yes, Juno's twee, and that's annoying, and no, twee is not the argument against that stupid flick that I want to push.

  • This audio labor of love for longtime friends Curt Kentner and Mark Rothkopf is built upon a deep-rooted love for the music-primarily anchored to the genre of indie pop, or the slightly less complimentary tag of "twee" - they've released over these past 10 years.

  • WARD: The English have a word, twee, which is hard to define, but once you've been exposed to it, you know it when you hear it.

  • Facing each other, marked out by enclosures of wires, keyboards, desks, assorted electronics, James Cargill and Trish Keenan begin building up a set of serious guile, the competent accretion of a decade's thoughtful knob twiddling and psychedelic exploration that has seen them move from what could almost be called a twee band, a mid-90s Warp oddity, to a fully fledged experimental outifit.

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