• (adjective): Not brought into focus: an unfocused lens.
  • (adjective): Not centered on anything specific: "my unfocused broodings about love and loyalty” ( John le Carré).

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  • (adjective): not concentrated at one point or upon one objective; "diversity...in our huge unfocused country"- Owen Wister
  • (adjective): (of an image) not being in or brought into focus; "at their edges things were pretty much unfocused"

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Example Sentences

  • Where no focused interaction occurs, the term unfocused gathering can be used.

  • President Obama made clear during five wide-ranging television interviews Sunday that he had firmly turned the page on the George W. Bush administration's foreign policy, which he described as unfocused and "adrift" in Afghanistan as well as outdated in its approach to a possible Iranian missile threat.

  • To call this unfocused is simply a misstatement of the facts.

  • "That challenged our guys because we knew that they might have come in unfocused and looking ahead to Ohio State," Grobe said.

  • Israel’s coarse arrogance and fiendishly systematic brutalization of the Palestinian people has led to a numb outrage that tends to erupt in unfocused ways.

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