• (adjective): Not material.

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Example Sentences

  • Spiritual can be defined as having to do with the unmaterial, in this case, the soul.

  • It was completely out of character for Mia, the dreamy, artistic unmaterial girl, to get worked up over the loss of a piece of furniture, sentimental value notwithstanding.

  • And what a marvel it was, when you stop to think, that in conditions so hard, so utterly prosaic, calculated to clip the wings of generous thought, they maintained themselves in that elevation of sentiment, that supreme estimate of the unmaterial, the ideal factors of life that distinguished them -- in such largeness of mind and of spirit altogether.

  • It was as if all the dreams, sleeping and waking, of its vivid occupant had taken a visible although unmaterial form and had tapestried the bare room with splendid filmy tissues of rainbow and moonshine.

  • It was something spiritual and unmaterial, something, maybe, which had to do with the philosophy he had preached, thought and practised over long years.

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