• (adjective): Not subject to being taxed.
  • (adjective): Not having had taxes paid on even though required.
  • (adjective): Not tired or strained, working well within capacity.

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Wordnet definitions

  • (adjective): (of goods or funds) not taxed; "tax-exempt bonds"; "an untaxed expense account"

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Example Sentences

  • Gas companies are accumulating large land parcels to sell to even bigger international companies, lured by the potential for billions in untaxed earnings -- if they succeed in persuading New York State politicians allow fracking to begin without taxing it.

  • Finance Ministry officials said Wednesday that Merz and Germany's Wolfgang Schaeuble will also declare their intention to resolve the issue of billions of euros (dollars) in untaxed German assets sitting in Swiss accounts.

  • NORML is doing nothing, one could notice publicly, to promote the idea of untaxed, unregulated self cultivation.

  • Allies include non-Native convenience store owners and a coalition of nonprofit health agencies that call untaxed, lower-priced cigarettes a public health menace that increases smoking rates and costly illnesses.

  • "To the extent that it is impractical to move existing pensioners onto the new basis, old funds should be closed to further contributions and would retain their 'untaxed' status and pensions paid would remain taxable in the hands of recipients."

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