• (verb-transitive): To reprove sharply; reproach. See Synonyms at scold.

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  • (verb): express criticism towards; "The president reproached the general for his irresponsible behavior"

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Example Sentences

  • Let critic folk the poet's use of vulgar slang upbraid,

  • Politicians and economists report that European counterparts who formerly criticised them for being too hard on the euro now upbraid them for being too soft.

  • I roll in and she fails to introduce me, so I take her aside and upbraid her for this transgression.

  • Mapuhi relieved his feelings by sending her reeling from a box on the ear; while Tefara and Nauri burst into tears and continued to upbraid him after the manner of women.

  • Even though he was not the producer of Nine, some of the council members began to upbraid him about the fact that there were no African-Americans in the cast of Nine.

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