• (verb): Present participle of vapour.

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Example Sentences

  • The usual exaggerated Froggy vapouring, but Delzons wasn't the usual Frog, and I guessed he believed it.

  • Humour was all we had left, even inadvertent humour, but now even that has dissipated into puffs of indignant vapouring.

  • The allusion to friends, and the offer of money, Gride held to be mere empty vapouring, for purposes of delay.

  • Jack, when I see my angel, when I am admitted to the presence of this radiant beauty, what will become of all this vapouring?

  • I do not know what effect this vapouring might have had in hot scented rooms, or in the languor of some rich garden; but up on that cold hill-top it was as unsubstantial as the mist around us.

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