• (noun): One whose trade or occupation is to make violins and similar instruments; a luthier.

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Example Sentences

  • The miraculous amplification that comes from the wooden enclosures of stringed instruments is the result of materials not usually found in a reclamation yard, and violin-maker Rob Cain's admirable desire to stick to the "scrap" brief was tested to destruction – a source for a bit of Dragon's Den tension in the show.

  • Two men run a violin-repair business, but when business owner Maxime starts seeing violin soloist Camille, expert violin-maker and introvert Stéphane finds himself jealous.

  • The Violin-maker: This is probably my second favorite simply because it really delves into the main character, who is the apprentice of the violin-maker.

  • The story begins with the suicide of the violin-maker and follows the apprentice as he deals with the rumors of what really happened, all the while holding a secret of his own.

  • Those are the names of the people who used to own that particular violin, made in 1729 by the Italian violin-maker Antonio Stradivari.

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