• (noun): Plural form of waistline.

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Example Sentences

  • THE grey in the hair is clearly evident, the waistlines are a little bigger, the eyesight's not as good, but no one can take the love of the game away from the likes of Seak Poh Leong,

  • Holiday parties and gatherings with family and friends can take a toll on our willpower and our waistlines which is why millions of us pledge to go on a diet come January 1st.

  • Now, instead of reducing the kiddywink generation's waistlines he's attempting to expand their minds by establishing his own Dream School.

  • The fact that America is no longer the fattest country in the world doesn't mean that American waistlines are slimming.

  • I see people angry at others, not because of their principles, or lack thereof, but because of what they've been able to achieve -- may it be love, slimmer waistlines, stronger biceps, better jobs, bigger cars, etc.

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