• (noun): A small circle of paper, silk, muslin, or other material, inserted in the outer case of an old-fashioned watch, to prevent the metal from defacing the inner case.

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Example Sentences

  • Well, the roof leaked, and presto! when I rose I found my watch swimming in water -- your watch-paper all soaked and torn -- that is to say, my fingers tore it; and a dozen minuets I had bought for you shared the same fate, not to mention my jemmy-worked garters!

  • "Your watch-paper -- you remember; the one which you cut for me?"

  • I should not have cared much for this, but something worse attended it; the subtle particles of the water with which the case was filled, had by their penetration so overcome the cohesion of the particles of paper, of which my dear picture and watch-paper were composed, that in attempting to take them out to dry them, my cursed fingers gave them such a rent as I fear I never shall get over!

  • But one day the accursed watch-paper flutters into

  • Jean Paul's pure and noble women; and he is at one time full of dread lest the Princess had read his watch-paper, and at another full of pique at the suspicion that she had not.

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