• (noun): An earth-house; an artificial cave or subterranean building.

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Weem (Scottish Gaelic: Baile a' Chlachain) is a village on the B846 near Aberfeldy in Perthshire, Scotland.
The name Weem is derived from the Gaelic uamh, meaning 'cave'.
Nearby is Castle Menzies, formerly known as Weem Castle, where Bonnie Prince Charlie spent two nights on his way to the Battle of Culloden in 1746. One of Scotland's best-preserved 16th-century castles, Castle Menzies is the seat of Clan Menzies. Looked after by a private preservation trust, the Castle and grounds are open to visitors in summer (entrance charge).
The Old Parish Church of Weem, of medieval origin, contains the funerary monuments of the Menzies family from the 16th century, and the heraldic hatchments carried at their funerals. Key from neighbouring cottage.
There are two pubs in Weem, the Ailean Chraggan and the Weem Hotel.

Example Sentences

  • “Whee dee dee dee oh whee dee dee dee we um weem a way . . .”

  • February 22, 2008 at 9:01 pm iz coz weem a liddul stoopee wen wii am jung an doan machewah in 2 kompleatlee stoopee til wii r owld enuff 2 noe beddah. nao u wud fink it eben phunnyear taht she cud fink wot she funk … mebbeh?

  • March 4, 2008 at 2:15 pm ah weeeeeeeee eee eee eeee ah wee muh bum buh way ah weeeeeeeee eee eee eeee ah wee muh bum buh way ah weem a web ah weem a web

  • The months of the year Look at the taqwiim (tak-weem; calendar) and choose the shahr (shah-her; month) most suitable not only to your travel plans but also to the dawla (daw-lah; country) you're visiting.

  • I agree that would be a prime location, but looking at other Target-like locations, they weem to tend to prefer locations where there are other retailers immediately nearby.

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