English Idioms

Leading edge

If something is on the leading edge, it is using the most advanced technology available.

Not for nothing

Usually followed by the word "but," this is essentially a call to pay attention to the next words out of the speaker's mouth, e.g., "Not for nothing, but did you see the way he looked at you?"

Bleed dry

If you bleed someone dry, you extract all their available money from them.

Let the dust settle

If you let the dust settle, or wait till the dust settles, you wait until things have become calmer or have returned to normality after conflict or a problem.

It takes all kinds to make a world

Diversity is essential- the world would be incomplete if everyone were alike.('It takes all sorts to make a world' is also used.)

Take root

If something like an idea or system takes root, it becomes established, accepted or believed.

Brush with death

If someone comes very close to dying but live, they have a brush with death.

Bring home

If you bring something home, you explain it or make it very clear.

Lightning fast

Something that is lightning fast is very fast indeed.

Up stakes

If you up stakes, you get ready to leave a place.