English Idioms

To be dog cheap

If something's dog cheap, it is very cheap indeed.

Top dog

The most important or influential person is the top dog.

Turn turtle

If something turns turtle, it turns upside down.

Two heads are better than one

When two people work together more things get accomplished.

Ugly duckling

An ugly duckling is a child who shows little promise, but who develops later into a real talent or beauty.

Up with the lark

If you get up very early, you're up with the lark.

Vultures are circling

If the vultures are circling, then something is in danger and its enemies are getting ready for the kill.

Wag the dog

To 'wag the dog' means to purposely divert attention from what would otherwise be of greater importance, to something else of lesser significance. By doing so, the lesser-significant event is catapulted into the limelight, drowning proper attention to what was originally the more important issue.The expression comes from the saying that 'a dog is smarter than its tail', but if the tail were smarter, then the tail would 'wag the dog'. The expression 'wag the dog' was elaborately used as theme of the movie. 'Wag the Dog', a 1997 film starring Robert de Niro and Dustin Hoffman, produced and directed by Barry Levinson.

Water off a duck's back

If criticism or something similar is like water off a duck's back to somebody, they aren't affected by it in the slightest.

Whale of a time

If you have a whale of a time, you really enjoy yourself.