Word of the day : titchy


  • (adjective): Tiny, very small.

Example Sentences

  • Infinity is just so big that by comparison, bigness itself looks really titchy.
  • I've known the word titchy since early childhood but had never thought about its origin until, on a recent trip to the Basque country, I became aware that there is a Basque word titxia pronounced "titchia", meaning small.
  • The keyboard has been described as slightly cramped and the trackpad "titchy," so this maybe more suited to those with smaller hands.
  • Alex at Shedworking calls it "the titchiest public library in the UK"; I had to look that up, and found that "titchy" is a British colloquialism for "very small."
  • I have just learned that titch or tich is a UK colloquialism meaning 'a very small person or amount,' with an associated adjective titchy.