Word of the day : etalon


  • (noun): An optical device containing parallel mirrors, used in laser design to delay light.

Example Sentences

  • With a larger beam expanding telescope and an additional etalon inside the cavity, the spectral width of the pulsed dye laser could be reduced to an unprecedented 0.0004 nm, and an additional external filter etalon soon permitted the first experiments on Doppler-free saturation spectroscopy of atomic resonance lines.
  • An etalon is an optical interferometer in which a beam of light undergoes multiple reflections between two reflecting surfaces. and whose resulting optical transmission (or reflection) is periodic in wavelength.
  • In dispersion compensation, we believe that we have the largest portfolio of dispersion compensating products in the world, including fiber, etalon and FBG's products, with etalon-based products being available in both fixed and tunable configuration.