Word of the day : criminous


  • (adjective): Criminal; involving great crime or grave charges; very wicked; heinous.

Example Sentences

  • Donald E. Westlake's _God Save the Mark_ (Forge, $24.95 hardcover, $14.95 trade paper), chosen and introduced by series editor Otto Penzler, is a splendid early example of his unique brand of criminous comedy.
  • And, with any luck, the United Way won't put your funds toward criminous purposes (they went through a run of annual scandals over the last little stretch).
  • We nearly ran down the side of the hill, until I seized PA's arm and pointed out to him that two men walking might appear less criminous than two men sprinting away from the wealthy neighborhood.
  • Thomas Becket (a close friend of Henry's at the time of his elevation to the chancellorship, 1155) resigned as chancellor when he became archbishop of Canterbury (1162), and clashed at once with Henry over the criminous clerks.
  • Trying hard to look on the positive side of this harassment, I decided it proved, at any rate, that anyone bent on criminous activity would have a difficult time moving men and equipment about the city at night.
  • A couple of roaming vandals, skipping idly over the rooftops in search of loot, happening by chance on a smashed skylight, dropping in for criminous purposes, and committing a slight case of homicide on their way out.