The utmost extent of man's knowledge, is to know that he knows nothing.

Joseph Addison knowledge

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Musick is certainly a very agreeable Entertainment, but if it would take the entire Possession of our Ears, if it would make us in capable of hearing Sense, if it would exclude Arts that have a much greater Tendency to the Refinement of human Nature; I must confess I would allow it no better Quarter than Plato has done, who banishes it out of his Common-wealth.

Joseph Addison music musicians

The Obedience of Children to their Parents is the Basis of all Government, and set forth as the measure of that Obedience which we owe to those whom Providence hath placed over us.

Joseph Addison childhood parents obedience

Immortal glories in my mind revive,And in my soul a thousand passions strive, When Rome's exalted beauties I descryMagnificent in piles of ruin lie.

Joseph Addison Rome

It is indeed very possible, that the Persons we laugh at may in the main of their Characters be much wiser Men than our selves; bu t if they would have us laugh at them, they must fall short of us in those Respects which stir up this Passion.

Joseph Addison laughter egotism

We envy not the warmer clime, that liesIn ten degrees of more indulgent skies, Nor at the coarseness of our heaven repine,Though o'er our heads the frozen Pleiads shine:'Tis Liberty that crowns Britannia's Isle,And makes her barren rocks and her bleak mountains smile.

Joseph Addison liberty England