I decided that I want to live the rest of my life happy with what I'm doing. So when I play tennis again, I have to play it for th e right reason. I don't want to play to get my No. 1 ranking back. I don't want to play for the attention, or to earn more. I don't even want to play because the world wants to see me do it, even though it's nice to know that the world is interested. I only want to play because I love the game, which is the reason I began to play at age seven in the first place.

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Madonna has total control over her life, and not many women have that.

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There was such anticipation before her matches. Everybody wondered about Suzanne, what she would wear, what she would look like. I would love to be like that. Everything is too simple in tennis now. Wouldn't it be neat to be a mystery woman and bring high fashion back to the sport? To be like Suzanne ... out there but untouchable?... unreachable?

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I have to live for the day, and not worry about or try to know what tomorrow brings.... if I've learned one thing from all that's happened to me, it's that if you would know what tomorrow brings, you may not want to live it.

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