A candidate once called his opponent "a willful, obstinate, unsavory, obnoxious, pusillanimous, pestilential, pernicious, and perv ersable liar" without pausing for breath, and even his enemies removed their hats.

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They had their fortunes to make, everything to gain and nothing to lose. They were schooled in and anxious for debates; forcible i n argument; reckless and brilliant. For them it was but a short and natural step from swaying juries in courtroom battles over the ownership of land to swaying constituents in contests for office. For the lawyer, oratory was the escalator that could lift a political candidate to higher ground.

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If we should swap a good library for a second-rate stump speech and not ask for boot, it would be thoroughly in tune with our hear ts. For deep within each of us lies politics. It is our football, baseball, and tennis rolled into one. We enjoy it; we will hitch up and drive for miles in order to hear and applaud the vitriolic phrases of a candidate we have already reckoned we'll vote against.

Federal Writers' Project Of The Wor politics elections

The candidate tells us we are the "backbone of the State," and we know that it is true, not because we are possessed of certain en dowed virtues, but because we are a majority and have the vote.

Federal Writers' Project Of The Wor politics elections

In 1869 he started his work for temperance instigated by three drunken men who came to his home with a paper signed by a saloonkee per and his patrons on which was written "For God's sake organize a temperance society."

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Indigenous to Minnesota, and almost completely ignored by its people, are the stark, unornamented, functional clusters of concrete --Minnesota's grain elevators. These may be said to express unconsciously all the principles of modernism, being built for use only, with little regard for the tenets of esthetic design.

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