In most nineteenth-century cities, both large and small, more than 50 percent--and often up to 75 percent--of the residents in any given year were no longer there ten years later. People born in the twentieth century are much more likely to live near their birthplace than were people born in the nineteenth century.

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Practically everyone now bemoans Western man's sense of alienation, lack of community, and inability to find ways of organizing so ciety for human ends. We have reached the end of the road that is built on the set of traits held out for male identity--advance at any cost, pay any price, drive out all competitors, and kill them if necessary.

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... whatever men do or know or experience can make sense only to the extent that it can be spoken about. There may be truths beyon d speech, and they may be of great relevance to man in the singular, that is, to man in so far as he is not a political being, whatever else he may be. Men in the plural, that is, men in so far as they live and move and act in this world, can experience meaningfulness only because they can talk with and make sense to each other and to themselves.

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None of us liveth to himself, and no man dieth to himself.

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If two people feed a horse; it will be thin; if two people mend a boat, it will leak.

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For the writer, there is nothing quite like having someone say that he or she understands, that you have reached them and affected them with what you have written. It is the feeling early humans must have experienced when the firelight first overcame the darkness of the cave. It is the communal cooking pot, the Street, all over again. It is our need to know we are not alone.

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