I wasn't born to be a fighter. I was born with a gentle nature, a flexible character and an organism as equilibrated as it is judg ed hysterical. I shouldn't have been forced to fight constantly and ferociously. The causes I have fought for have invariably been causes that should have been gained by a delicate suggestion. Since they never were, I made myself into a fighter.

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... the ... radio station played a Chopin polonaise. On all the following days news bulletins were prefaced by Chopin--preludes, e tudes, waltzes, mazurkas. The war became for me a victory, known in advance, Chopin over Hitler.

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I began reviewing my life in relation to its objectives. I saw no objects, I saw only states.

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... people with heavy physical vibrations rule the world.

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I had been curiously depressed all day. In the night I wakened. First precise thought: I know why I'm depressed--nothing inspired is going on. Second: I demand that life be inspired every moment. Third: the only way to guarantee this is to have inspired conversation every moment. Fourth: most people never get so far as conversation; they haven't the stamina, and there is no time. Fifth: if I had a magazine I could spend my time filling it up with the best conversation the world has to offer. Sixth: marvelous idea--salvation. Seventh: decision to do it. Deep sleep.

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